Fashion Is The Very Platform On Which Most Of Us Base Our First Opinions About People.

It Represents To Each Individual

..His Or Her..

Own Unique Personality, Mood, Taste And Ethnic Roots.

Over The Past Years Africans Have Slowly Become Quite Fashion Conscious,

Not Only Wearing Labels Such As Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton

But African House Holds Such As David Tlale(S.A.), Sungoddess(S.A.), Palesa Mokubung(S.A.), Koketso Chiepe(Botswana), Black Trash(Botswana), Tyl Couture(Nigeria) And Zizi (Nigeria)

Fashion to me boils down to 5 things:

1.      SIMPLICITY (clean cut, beautifully crafted works)

beautiful david tlale piece

2.      COLOUR(bright, dark whatever suits Ur mood and occasion)

bright n beautiful work by Carolina Herrera

3.      TEXTURE(texture plays a huge role in the types of clothing and accessories i buy)

sun-goddess textures galore!

4.      SHAPE(to me fashion boils down to how the designers shapes the garment/shoe)

 luvn the shapes by Stuart Weitzman

5.      COMFORT(if your not comfortable in what you are wearing people will know)

Koketso Chiepe bright comfy summerdress

whatever your tastes may be remember that your fashion speaks volumes to others about who you are as person..

Stay true to yourself

Rea-firm your position


Let me Rea-firm my position

To be honest and respectful 

To be mindful of others opinions

To love life and enjoy all the blessings given

it is at this point where we as humans can truley appriciate our lives and those around us.

My blog is a mix of my cultural heritage

my love for music be it house hip hop rnb kwaito or even bollywood theme songs


my fondness for fashion and the trends that it gives birth to..

Welcome to my little piece of the world.. (*-*,)

Stay true to yourself

Rea-firm your position


my tribes traditional attire